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e-element z88 Gaming Keyboard Review

HeyDerp here, I’m anxious to do an unboxing on this totally cool RGB mechanical keyboard.  I haven’t gotten my fingers on one of these yet, but I vow that it will be my next tech purchase.

e-element z88 mechanical gaming keyboard review
HeyDerp reviews his favorite gaming keyboard, the e-element z88.

Reason 1:  This is a best “bang for the buck” gaming keyboard for $36 USD.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, E-Element Z88 DIY Blue Switches, Rainbow LED Backlit, Water-Proof, Compact 81 Keys Anti-Ghost, Black

Reason 2:  There are tons of RGB display setting options to make your keyboard light up in colors that match your personal setup.  The photo above is show with chroma wave, but watch this video to see a few more examples:

Reason 3: Why MECHANICAL instead of MEMBRANE?  Switches are the mechanisms beneath each key cap that register your finger strokes.  Mechanical, in my opinion, is best because it has the fastest response time.  With mechanical, you can choose different sensitivity levels in the switches.  Some register with small impact and others make a big bump once the stroke is landed.  Some are quite and some are loud and make a satisfying click with each key depression.   Membrane keyboards are composed of a set of three plastic membranes, with rubber dome-shaped switches underneath each key – key strokes are digitally registered.

Reason 4: This keyboard does not have a number pad on the right hand side, making it shorter in length.  I prefer this because I use a low DPI mouse setting (250), which requires a larger traveling distance or movement of the mouse to get the courser from one side of the screen to the other.  By shortening the keyboard, there is more space in the workstation immediately in front of me for the mouse to comfortably travel in.

Reason 5: ANTI-GHOSTING!!!  “Ghosting” is a technical difficulty experienced when multiple keyboard keys are pressed simultaneously, but not all the keystrokes are registered.  The keystrokes that are not registered, or that the computer did not respond to are called “Ghosted”.    Anti-ghosting technology allows for more key strokes to be registered at the same time.

I hope this keyboard finds its way into your gaming setup.  If it does please drop me a comment and let me know your experience with its performance.