Alienware 13 Gaming Laptop from Dell - Review from HeyDerp
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Alienware 13 Gaming Laptop Review from HeyDerp.


Hi, HeyDerp here – I WISH, wish WiSh! I had the Alienware 13 inch gaming laptop in front of me to review.  But not yet – I’m saving up for it.

I have officially decided that the Alienware 13 gaming laptop is my favourite choice for my first purchase computer (up to now I have been using my dad’s old, very old office PC).  Let me list some reasons why I, or any entry level Minecraft gamer, must have this computer.

Reason 1: The price is reasonable!

Reason 2:  7th Generation Intel Core i5-7300HQ

You might ask, what is the Core i5 and why would I want that when i9’s are available.  Good question –  I am a Minecraft gamer and I choose the i5 because it is the best “dollar for performance” investment for your gaming fun.   I have done some research and found that Intel is a preferable computer processor manufacturer to AMD and equivalents.  The processor is like the brain of the computer, the difference between i5 or i7-i9 is that i7-i9 can multi-task, handle multi-media and high end (virtual) gaming at a quicker speed.  They are are  aimed at people who complain that their current system is “too slow.”  For my gaming and multi-media purposes (Minecraft, Discord, YouTube) i5 is all the computer-brain power I need.

Reason 3: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 with 2GB GDDR5

This is your graphics card. When you’re gaming, it matters how fast your computer is able to load the graphics onto to your screen, this is measured in fps (frames per second) or fpm (frames per minute) as I happen to get on my 8 year old PC :).  Increasing your fps (frames per second) allows your player to interact better with the moving environment and other players in combat.  You will be better at pvp (player versus play) combat if you are more quickly seeing the moves of your opponent.

From reviews I’ve read, this the best graphics card you can get in its price range.

Reason 4: 8GB DDR4 at 2400MHz

This is your RAM, or random-access memory.  This 8 Gigabytes of space is not where all your programs are stored, it is where the files your computer is currently using (like in a running game or graphics program) are kept for immediate use.  Many games and graphics programs today require a minimum of 4GB just to operate, I feel that 8GB will provide ample RAM for my gaming performance.

Reason 5: COOLNESS!

You are able to program the keyboard lights and even program the track-pad to light up whenever you click it.  The shape looks cool and futuristic with the Alienware logo on the laptop lid (also programable to light up).  Check it out for yourself on this video.

Alienware 13 Gaming Laptop Video from Dell




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