Gaming Mouse

Review of Trust GXT 162 gaming mouse.

Maximum hand comfort! I really like the contour or shape of this mouse.  The thumb rest and the pinky rest are so comfortable, they are an unexpected addition to the traditionally smooth egg shaped mouse – my hand loves it and thanks Trust GXT for the added finger support.

Trust GXT Gaming Mouse
Trust GXT Gaming Mouse

This mouse comes with gaming pro’s galore!  I’m a big-time Minecraft player and I am quite enjoying the addition of the second left click button which allows you to click 3 times with a single touch of the button.  It is very helpful with “butterfly clicking” for PVP (player versus player combat).  For noobs “Butterfly Clicking” is using both your index and middle finger in a fast alternating click pattern.

In total it has 9 programmable buttons.  I don’t have much experience with software installation or configuration, but found that installing and programming was simple.

I am operating on the Windows 10 64 bit PC platform and have not run into any errors or conflict issues.

I like the matte black velvety finish on the mouse and it lights up with a full range of colors on the logo which looks very cool.

HeyDerps give the Trust GXT 162 4000 DPI a big thumbs up, excellent gaming mouse for an excellent price!

P.S. please sponsor HeyDerp with tech gear  – my PC is 8 years old and I would be overjoyed to review your latest in technology 🙂

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